Locksmith In UK – New Client

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An unlikely even happened a few months ago. Our business account manager had an incident at home where his front door wouldn’t open. He searched online for a locksmith and subsequently found this great directory. Anyway, he managed to get a specialist locksmith to fix his door. After telling us all at work about this company Locksmith In UK, who offer specialist locksmith services, including Business, Vehicle and Home lock & key solutions. We had a look at their website and witnessed a few improvements that could be made. We outreached to the company via their email, explaining the outlined improvements that could be made and set up a skype consultation.

We integrated a brand new website

So we made the initial changes for the company, and they were so happy with what had happened… with increased sales conversions etc, they requested that we manage their website and look into further developing their digital front. We’re now looking at helping them with SEO and Social Media management, to help take them to the next level.

Take a look at their new website right here :- Locksmithinuk.com

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